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ybi21 two rings - ice choir (7")
ybi20 god bless jim kennedy - phil wilson (12")
ybi19 i own it - phil wilson (7" 45rpm)

ybi18 like goodbye - crumb (7") + ybi14 aeromodeller - first flight (12")
ybi17 reel around me - soda fountain rag (10" 33rpm)
ybi16 tonight! - the positions (10" 33rpm)
ybi14 first flight - aeromodeller (12" 33rpm)

ybi12 the guilty office - the bats (CDLP)
ybi11 i'm not entirely clear how i ended up like this - michael knight (CDLP)

ybi09 it's rag time! - soda fountain rag (CDLP)
ybi08 #3 - suburban kids with biblical names (CDLP)
ybi07 loop duplicate my heart - suburban kids with biblical names (CDEP)
ybi06 marry me - suburban kids with biblical names (7" 45 rpm)

ybi04 there's only one of me - saint thomas (CDLP)
ybi03 rent a wreck - suburban kids with biblical names (CDEP)
ybi02 bliss! - the positions (CDLP)
ybi01 still unravished: a tribute to the june brides - V/A (CDLP)